Outlines of the Bureau


General Affairs Division Budget/settlement of account, organization/quorum, personnel affairs, public relations/public hearing, etc. of the Bureau.
General Coordination Division Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s policies on the Tokyo 2020 Games.
Olympic Venues Division Preparation for hosting the Tokyo 2020 Games.
Sports Promotion Division Popularization and promotion of sports (including those for the handicapped) and recreation, management of sports facilities, measures to improve athletes’ competence, Tokyo Big Marathon Festa 2015, Rugby World Cup 2019, etc.


Full number of officials of the Bureau: 228 (FY 2016)


(Units: 1 million JPY)

ClassificationBudget for FY 2016Budget for FY 2015
Expenditures 84,375 64,272
Revenue 34,750 23,566
General-account primary balance 49,625 40,706